x3hollist3rx3 (x3hollist3rx3) wrote in the_photogenic,

I Am Photogenic

Name_Karlie Smith

Age_ 14

Male or Female_ Female :D

Single?_ Yup..Wishing i wasn't though

Favorite place_ probably my room. Just so i can get away from everything..plus my computer is in there :p

What do you do in your free time?_um..Play basketball..I'm accually very girly..but i'm on the team at school and all...it's fun.

What catagories would you fit in__Punk_Prep_Goth_Funny_Smart_Loving_Friendly_Geek_Stupid_Other....Deff. Prep..Funny..Smart Friendly, Outgoing!

Where do you like to shop?_Hm..Mostly Hollister and Abercrombie..and AE. Forever21 ..I like sales too

Where did you hear of us?_i was looking through the seatch ingane thing..

Why should you be in this community..Well because i update generously..i am photogenic.lol..and i think i would be good in here.

How often do you take pictures? hmm..pretty often..I'm always taking pictures of me on my digital.

THREE PICTURES OF YOU (no links please)

You smiling_I'm on the left.

You modeling_ Me modeling..of some sort..lOl.

You with your friend(s)_I'm in the bottom right corner..lOl

Anything else you would like_Yup..thats me lOl..i'm just playing around

Where did you premote us? my community

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