x3hollist3rx3 (x3hollist3rx3) wrote in the_photogenic,

am i photogenic?

i made a new application..i have already applied..but i try to go back and change it..but it wouldnt work

Name_Karlie Smith


Male or Female_Female

Single?_Yup..Hey fellas!

Favorite place_my room..just because my computer is in there..and i can listen to music as loud as i want.

What do you do in your free time?_ play basketball..go shopping..strighten my hair..or do my makeup..Oh..and talk on the phone!..all the time accually

What catagories would you fit in__Punk_Prep_Goth_Funny_Smart_Loving_Friendly_Geek_Stupid_Other.... hmm..Prep Funny Smart Friendly and VERY OUTGOING!..and i'm sporty but girly

Where do you like to shop?_Hmm..Hollister Abercrombie American Eagle Forever 21 Victoreia Secrets Gadzooks..and i love SAleS!

Where did you hear of us?_through a promo

Why should you be in this community because i am photogenic!..I think this is a great community..and i would love to be in it

How often do you take pictures? All the time..of my digital Camera..Like everyday!

THREE PICTURES OF YOU (no links please)       lol..dont ask   idk.

You smiling_

You modeling_on the right

You with your friend(s)_

Anything else you would like_

Where did you premote us? my community



Tell me if the pictures worked this time..

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