CoREY (abercrombie_gal) wrote in the_photogenic,

Am I Photogenic?


Name_ Corey Anne

Age_ 16

Male or Female_ Female

Single?_ Yes =)

Favorite place_My best friend Maggies house --> its like my second home

What do you do in your free time?_ PLay sports, shop, tan, EAT etc.

What catagories would you fit in__Punk_Prep_Goth_Funny_Smart_Loving_Friendly_Geek_Stupid_Other....
Prep-Funny-Somewhat Smart-Friendly-Silly

Where do you like to shop?_ Abercrombie, Hollister, BeBe, Guess, L.S.Ayres

Where did you hear of us?_ Just searching for communities

Why should you be in this community?_ Because Im fun & energetic =)

How often do you take pictures? Every weekend

THREE PICTURES OF YOU (no links please)

You smiling_

You modeling_
--its not really modeling, but i dont really have any like that & photobucket is slow right now. =(

You with your friend(s_

Anything else you would like_

Where did you premote us?

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