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Am I Photogenic?

Ghadina Kverkjianieva Peel
Male or Female_
Favorite place_
south florida/switzerland
What do you do in your free time?_
surf, party, go to shows, play xbox life.
What catagories would you fit in__Punk_Prep_Goth_Funny_Smart_Loving_Friendly_Geek_Stupid_Other....
okay, so. this is a little tricky. i go to shows, so i guess i'd be punk, but then i wear abercrombie and fitch to all of them which would make me preppy. i act a fool on the weekend so i guess that can make me funny, but i'm also really into film studies, and photography, and all that artsy stuff, so i guess you could say i was smart too. i'm a pretty loving gal, i'm real friendly. i think everyone is a little geeky, and i'm definetly not stuipid. (sorry if that was annoying.)
Where do you like to shop?_
miami beach, anf, urban, and i also have my own clothing company. it's called so flo stlye co (South Florida Stlye Company)
Where did you hear of us?_
clicked around. the clever name caught my attention.
Why should you be in this community
i guess i'm photogenic? idk. and i've always wanted to join a community where you had to apply to.
How often do you take pictures?
whenever the myspace ones get old.
THREE PICTURES OF YOU (no links please)

This one is SO old.

You smiling_

ew, braces. :x

You modeling_

can we please pretend like that modeling?

You with your friend(s)_

<- the bf

Where did you premote us?
my livejournal.

If you don't like those, or want to see more, or have any suggestions on my app. I'll be happy to change anything. :-D.
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